Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Change to be better!!!

Are you bored with your life?
So I am..
I think,i did much mistake in my life..so, change your life....Do you want to start fresh and be the new you that you can be? Do you want to put all the bad things that have happened behind, and start fresh? If you want to change for the better, keep on reading. If you want to change for worse, talk to someone you trust such as your parents, a close friend or a guidance counselor.

Change your habit. Your life is what it is because of an accumulation of habits that you might not be aware of. Make note of those habits and break them.

Change your location
Moving into a different environment and community can have a dramatic impact on who you are. If you remain flexible and open-minded, you'll learn and grow, and you'll be a different person.

Change your look..
Seeing yourself in the mirror with a new look can make you feel like a new person. Brave and confident with new look. Don't shy. You look more better..

Change your expression. Studies have shown that changing the expression on your face can trigger chemical reactions in your body that reflect your intended emotion. Study new thing. Ask other person if you do not know about something.

Health. If you are not happy with the way you're eating, change your diet! Eat out of all of the food groups. Mostly vegetable and fruits. Do not starve yourself. Don't force yourself to eat only vegetable or fruits. It might make you not want to eat vegetable or fruit even more. Quietly and calmly, start eating your food. If you do not like the taste of it, think of something to give it a little extra zap. (Example: If you are eating celery and want to give it an extra zap, put cheese on it and put it into the oven for a few minutes. Or make Ant on a Log. This is a recipes where you put peanut butter in the celery, and then put a couple of raisins on the peanut butter so it looks like ants on a log!Fitness. If you do not exercise often, try exercising 20 minutes a day. Print out this scheduling. Exercising does not always mean doing push-ups, running laps and doing sit-ups. Exercising could be fun! dance! Everyone loves to dance! Put on your favourite tunes! Make it upbeat. Close the door so you can goof off all you want without having everyone stare. Get into your exercise clothes and start dancing! Pretend you are on a stage and performing your dance!

Conversation. If you are not the best at conversations, just don't worry. If you worry, it will only make things worse! Think about this. What is the difference between internet and real life. It's probably because if in the real world, you have a reputation, or you are labeled in a certain way. That is usually how it is like in schools. First thing to do is to try to let people know that you are not shy, and like to talk to people. Practice on the internet, and then slowly bring it to the real world. Start at home, then move your way on to school or work.

Friends. If you have friends that don't treat you well, you should change things around. Sit them down quietly, and tell them that you are upset. If they don't change, try making new friends and hanging out with other people instead. True friends like you for who you are. But, don't forget your friends..


Try talking to people through instant messaging programs too. It's good practice for talking to people. On the computer, you have more time to think, but in real life, you usually have to say things right away.


syazana said...

i will do it soon. ;)